Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Omni change locations?

It's tough to run a big box gym of 36,000 square feet or larger when the building was not designed for the fitness industry. Making major changes (adding walls, renovating showers, etc) would remove any grandfathering in place and require the entire building to be brought up to code as a fitness facility, which is very cost prohibitive. Our new location, although small, was upfit from the beginning to meet code requirements.

We have always wanted to focus the core of our business on personal and group training, small group fitness, and have a small open gym that could be used by those who are more comfortable in that setting or during the overnight time frame. We think we have accomplished this and hope our new space meets the needs of our community.

Why do I need to come in person to purchase a membership?

If you join on any day of the month other than the first, your upfront amount due is pro-rated. For example, if you join on the 3rd of the month, your $39 dues are actually $37 for the remainder of the month. Our software, Mindbody, does not do this on the customer-facing end very well. There exists a possibility that you could be charged incorrectly.

Do you offer a military, teacher, first responder, etc. discount?

We do not offer discounts due to the large number of special workers in our town. Once we opened in our new location we reduced all of our monthly rates to below our previous discounted pricing. From time to time, we do run specials and discounts available to everyone.

Is childcare available? What do you have for kids?

We do not offer childcare in our new location due to size. If you are working out, call ahead to see if we are extremely busy. If not, we have no problem allowing your older child to sit in our seating area while you work out, but we are not responsible for supervision and they may not be on the gym floor. No one under 18 can be in the building without staff supervision, so this means we cannot offer 24/7 access for kids to visit with their parents.

Children under 13 cannot use the gym under parent supervision, only when working with a trainer or as part of a class.

Your 13-17 year old can get a day pass for $5 or add to your membership for $15/monthly. We have boxing for kids, small group training sessions with our coaches, or 1:1 personal training. We've even let kids take Pound® if there are extra sticks available.

What is the cancellation policy?

For gym memberships and any training packages on autopay, you must notify us in writing by completing the reverse side of the payment card authorization form you completed at joining. Your membership or autopay will terminate 30 days from the date you complete this form. If the first of the month falls within this window, you will be billed again, but the membership will not be billed after that.

For class spots and training appointments, we prefer that you notify us as soon as possible so that a spot or appointment can be offered to others.

Although rare, If within 12 hours, personal trainers reserve the right to deduct a session from your account or to charge the card on file for the appointment.

Yearly contracts are not refundable except as permitted by state law:

SECTION 44-79-30
You may cancel this contract by sending notice of your wish to cancel to the center before midnight of the third business day after you sign the contract. 'Business day' means Monday through Friday excluding state holidays and federal holidays. This notice must be sent certified mail to the following:

Ryte Choice of Beaufort, LLC
2139 Boundary St, #114
Beaufort, SC 29902-3919

Within thirty days of receipt of this notice, the center shall return any payments made and any note or other evidence of indebtedness. If you use the seller's facilities or services, the center may deduct a reasonable fee from the payments being returned based on the actual fee paid divided on a pro rata share by the number of days used by the customer.

In addition, you or your estate may also cancel the contract at any time by written notice to the center at the above address if the following circumstances occur:

(1) the customer's death;
(2) substantial physical disability, certified by a physician, which makes it permanently impossible for the customer to use the center's services;
(3) the customer's permanent relocation to a residence over fifty miles distant from an outlet operated by the center, if the center is unable to arrange for the customer's use of another center with equivalent major facilities and services.

The center may require presentation of information to substantiate that one of these circumstances has occurred.

If the contract is cancelled because of disability, death, or permanent change of residence, the center shall return any note or other evidence of indebtedness and unearned prepayments.