Open Gym

Workout your way, any time. No excuses.

We have a 3000sf open gym floor with everything you need to get your workout done.  We guarantee you won’t be waiting in line for equipment.  The result? You can get done quicker and get back to life.

Light cardio user? We’ve got you covered. New to lifting? Our trainers will be happy to take a few and show you how to use any piece of equipment. Powerlifter?  Yep, you can work out here without setting off an alarm or getting yelled at.  We’ll even let you use chalk.

The field behind Moe’s belongs to us and we’ve placed a sandpit there for speed and agility drills.  Any member is welcome to use this area.  You can take equipment over there, just ask!

What We Work With


(A total cardio refresh of equipment is in progress)




Recumbent Bike

Stationary Bike

Schwinn Pro Cycling Spin Bikes

Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer Elliptical)

Life Fitness Discover Power Climber (the rotating stairs)


Cable Multi-Jungle with pulldown and row seating and adjustable inner reels


Rear Delt/Chest Fly

Lateral Raise

Seated Row

Leg Press

Lying Leg Curl

Seated Leg Raise

Standing Calf Raise

Back Hyperextension

Pull Up/Dip Assist

Free Weights & Plates

Olympic Bars & Plates w/locks

Dumbbells to 125lb

Barbells to 100lb (straight and EZ)

Flat, Incline, Decline, Seated Benches

Squat Racks

Smith Machine

Deadlift Platform

Flat Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

Preacher Curl + EZ Bars


Hex/Trap Bar

Functional Training

Kettlebells to 90lb

Battle Rope

Ab Mats/Wheels/Crunch Bar

Medicine Balls

Plyo Boxes

Pound Ripstix/TRX Ripstix

TRX Suspension Trainers

Resistance Bands

Plate-Loaded Sled

Bosu Flexible Trainers


Foam Rollers/Mats

Jump Ropes

Flexible Dip Stand

Sportsman makes weightlifting

When everything closed last year for COVID-19, they called everyone and worked out a way for us to borrow equipment on a weekly basis. I only paid my monthly fee if I had equipment out.  It really helped me maintain all that I have worked so hard for.  This level of family and community blew me away, but it’s the norm here at Omni.