We'd love to welcome you into our tribe! Here are the best ways to get started with us:

First Class Free!
Single Drop-In Class
If you like it, we have class packs to choose from. Base members, you're eligible, too.
$ 8
Single Drop-In Class
If you're a base gym member, you'll receive 40% off this price at checkout.
$ 10
10 Class Pack
Mix and match - any class. Share this pack with others if that's how you roll.
$ 10
Open Gym Day Pass
Use the open gym during staffed hours & drop in on any classes that day. Join the gym and we'll deduct $10 from your upfront dues.
$ 35
Any 5 Visits or Classes
Good for drop-in classes or open gym visits during staffed hours. You can share this virtual punch card with others & it doesn't expire.
$ 49
One Month Pass
30 days of 24/7 facility access plus drop-in to classes as often as you'd like. Need more or less time? Reach out. We can be creative.

College Student Summer Special - $99

They grow up so fast and they’re off to college.  Let us help them grow over the summer with gym access on a budget.  If you’ve just graduated high school and are on the way to college or military, you’re eligible, too.  If you need a different amount of time, just reach out.  We do reserve the right to verify eligibility, though.

$ 10
Kids Boxing Single Session
Learn boxing fundamentals, gain strength, and work your core. You'll need your own gloves.
$ 20
30 Min Personal Training Session
For those under 18 who want to become more active or athletic.
$15 monthly
Base Membership
Add on to a parent's account & use the gym during staffed hours.
30 Min Strength & Conditioning
Strength training, footwork, and drills for student athletes.
$ 60
4 Sessions Strength & Conditioning
Use at any time during the month when sessions are held.


Gym Access Only
$ 29
  • Use the open gym during staffed hours. Take classes at 40% off the drop-in rate.


All Access
$ 39
  • Use the open gym 24/7, complimentary classes, bring a guest after hours.

We don’t do contracts unless you’re into saving money.  Monthly memberships are set up on autopay (monthly debit of your card) and can be canceled with 30 days notice.  They have the following fees:  One time $40 enrollment fee at sign-up, per account and once yearly extra dues payment of $29 for facility enhancement, in either July or October depending on your join date, whichever is more distant.  This funds equipment purchase and repair. 

If you’re into saving money, multiply our membership price by 10 and that’s how much a 12-month contract is.  You get 2 months free and there are no enrollment or enhancement fees.  You’ve already saved a minimum of $125 right there.  Contracts are non-refundable except as allowed by state law.


Let's connect. We can help you make changes to the way you look, move, and feel. No risk!


Connect With Us & Let's Get You Real Results!

Use this form to reach out for your free fitness assessment and consultation.  We’ll get back to you shortly to schedule your visit.  If you have a communication preference (such as text only), let us know in the comments.  We can’t wait to see you!

If you’re an existing open gym member, we have this information, so simply call or stop by and see us to schedule.

$ 35
Drop-In 30 Min Session
Pay as you go for training or use a single session to get coaching on a specific need.
$ 130 / monthly
One 30 Min Session Per Week
One session per week or a credit in that amount to schedule how you'd like. Each month, you'll receive free gym access during staffed hours and a free monthly class pass. Want more days? Come see us.